Continuing the work of our friend and mentor.
This newsletter is dedicated to our Founder, Dr. Jose Martinez-Dias, and his passion for his work. We are grateful for the massive outpouring of love and messages that flooded in when people received the news of his passing. We will carry on with his work and his legacy.

—The ABA Technologies Family

Sashimi with a side of cold sake, good conversation, and a belly full of laughs—that was the life anthem of Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz. Jose was no stranger to enjoying the company of family and colleagues while eating "family style" and discussing the world and his two deep interests: behavior analysis and music. On September 21, 2020, Jose gave his final sign-off on a beautiful life filled with a passion for people and improving their quality of life. He spent his final minutes of life beside his wife of 34 years, Danette Onstott, while listening to Bob Dylan's Forever Young.

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Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz  Farewell Video
Sage words and jovial laughter from our founder, friend, mentor, and professor, Jose Martinez-Diaz. Video made by Alec Poitras.
ABA Technologies Leads Forward with Digital Learning
Q&A with Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz

What is your vision for the future of ABA Tech? "We want to extend behavior analysis to all areas where it can benefit others. Business people can use behavior analysis, but also medical doctors and nurses. For example, a doctor prescribes exercise and eating right, but just telling the patient to do so usually doesn’t do any good. This is an area where hospitals/medical professionals could use our skills, and many other professions could benefit as well. We want to continue reaching wider audiences around the world, in other countries, and in multiple languages."

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Videos from the Vault
The Story of Michael and the Oranges with Dr. Martinez-Diaz
"A sad story that will hopefully inspire you to go out and make this a better world through behavior analysis."

Operant Innovations Podcast
Thought Leaders Series: Founder & President Jose Martinez-Diaz

Listen as Jose describes his life journey from his childhood in Cuba to his prolific work in the field of Behavior Analysis

Originally released October 10, 2019.

"May your heart always be joyful,
And may your song always be sung,

May you stay forever young."

Forever Young,  Bob Dylan

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